Thursday, January 29, 2009

Check back SOON!!

Hello to you faithful blog readers/followers who are still with me!?!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience, forbearance, perseverance, and understanding as I've much delayed in getting the 'new look' and 'new name' up and running on our blog! The computer is home for a bit(I think!:), and I'm really hoping to RELEASE our 'new look' and 'new name' within the next week!!

So please hang on to this flight just a tad bit longer..... for I'm hoping to land it here VERY, VERY SOON!:) (actually, I'm not the best at landing--so I'll have to find the pilot! lol)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yes, it's still coming...

Hello, to all you blog readers! Thank you for your array of comments...suggestions...and opinions...WOW! We had no clue there were so many blog 'lurkers' out there on our blog!

So, hopefully you're all still bearing with me?! Around here, things in the hanger have been pretty busy! But, I've not forgotten, and as soon as some of it comes in for a landing here, we'll have this NEW blog up and running for your viewing! ;o)

Oh, and by the way, now that all you 'lurkers' have shown your face...just 2 comments on a post should be un-heard of!!! (grin) Don't y'all agree??!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years Contest!

So with a New Year dawning, and with us being newly married. We thought we'd take a


from all of you, for a NEW look, and a NEW name to this our blog!!:)

You see...we need your help! We've decided that since this blog now entails the both of us, we need a merged name and look! (smile)

Thus, we're calling on you! The only guidelines are this--

1. It must refer to both of us in the title/name, or have the Wissmann name in it!

2. It must have something to do with aviation/flying in the name of the blog as well!

3. Have us out...and then be watching for the NEW face of Josiah and Abi, on this NEW blog!!

Who knows--your creative name--just might be our NEW blog name! Go ALL out! *grin*