Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our BIG girl!!!

"Oh! Pretty flower!!"

So grown up!!

"Hmm...what's that over there?!?"

Love this beautiful girl!

"I like flowers, they're so pretty!"
"I'm kinda getting tired of this picture thing...but I'll trrryyy to smile!"

"What's their problem???"

"Dear God, please help these pictures to be over soon!"

"Mmmmm...these smell SO good!!!"

Precious baby girl!

"Oh really!?! You don't say!"

Our pretty girl...

So BIG!!!

"Hmm...what's this down here, mom?"

Our happy girl!

"See mom, I can smile nice and pretty!!!"

"I see you...and you're trying to get a.n.o.t.h.e.r. picture of me...

...Yep, I KNEW it!!!"

A HUGE thank you to Aunt Anna for her time and exertise, as well as to Aunt Bethany for the adorable green dress used in the photo shoot! Love you dearly!!!