Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 years ago today...

...we had our first date!

And the rest... blissful history!!!

I love you, Josiah! You're the man of my dreams, and SO MUCH MORE!! No one else in all the world could be as perfect for me as you are! I'm so blessed!!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Gift from Great Grandma!

For as long as I can remember Grandma has always made something 'special' for each grandchild that arrived...and never fail she's done the same for her first great grandchild as well! Joanna, was blessed with a gorgeous blanket that Great Grandma worked many hours over. Her labor of love will be treasured for the years to come! Thank you so much, Grandma!!

"I love you, Joanna!"

"Grandma, I love it!"

What a fun pattern...

"Thank you, Grandma!"
All cozy! :)

"I like my blanket, Great Grandma Vermeer! Thank you!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Four Generations

Yesterday we had the joy of having my Grandma visit to see little, Joanna! It was so special to have her here for the afternoon, and thanks to my sister, Anna we didn't lack for pictures of the memorable moment! :) Thank you Grandma for coming to see your great grandaughter, and thank you to my cousin, Dianna for bringing Grandma down with you!!!

Four generations, what a heritage!

Nothing like a baby to make you pause...and treasure the moment...

"Mommy loves you, Joanna!"

So precious!

We love you, Joanna!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Picture post of Joanna Praise!

The last several days have been filled with lots of precious moments cherishing our new little bundle...thus not much blogging! But thanks to my sister, Anna we do not lack pictures! :) So I thought I'd take a moment while Joanna, is fast asleep to share some with you all. She's absolutely perfect in every way, and how we love her! I also know we're not biased or anything! (grin) Enjoy!!

Joanna, loves watching and listening to us...

"I love you, mommy!"

So content...

To sleep, or not to sleep?!

Love those adorable blue eyes!

"Let me tell you about it, mom!"
Almost a smile!

"I love foot massages!"