Friday, April 28, 2006

This trip to Wyoming has been a blast. Some friends the Atnips had two 4-wheelers, and thanks to their neighbors who had three 4-wheelers we were able to have some great fun wheeling in the foothills of Wyoming. So the past few days have included trips up in the hills. Trying something new us boys went to a Motorcross track for a couple of laps. Motorcross is for dirt bikes, and it had some steep ramps. But through the first lap everyone got the hang of how to take the ramps. You approach the ramps at a speed that will keep you move‘n and gun it as you go up the ramp, up you pop over the top and land nice and square. (landing on you front tires was not a good thing) As we started the second lap one of the party found just the perfect speed for going over the first and second ramps. Up he went on the first and second ramps, and came down nicely, just perfect. But apparently he forgot that the third ramp was quite a bit steeper than the first two, and up he went. I thought, oh boy he’s really high, too high, this is going land hard. Next thing you know his face is plastered against the speedometer. It slammed his goggles into his face, cut under his right eye, and popped his lip. His tooth put a scratch on the speedometer. He says his tooth is still sore and mom said I was lucky it didn’t chip my tooth.

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Hannah Wissmann said...

Hey Josiah,
You have not posted anything new for a while, If you do I will comment. :) well I have to go now.
Love ya"