Friday, June 29, 2007

So its been a while since I last posted. Its not cause nothing is going on, but rather to much is going on. Well I thought I would pose anther real life riddle. To start with I have had the chicken-pox only once in my life. I got them when I was about five years old, and was over them in a couple weeks. However five years later when I was ten, Elizabeth, Matthias, and Stephen all got the chicken-pox, and they got them from me. How can this be seeing I had the chicken-pox only once and fully recovered about five years earlier? It really happened, but how? See if you can figure it out. (For anyone out there who has already heard me tell this riddle you are not allowed to give the answer.)


Anonymous said...

I know the answer!!:)) And it is...... drumroll..... I'm not telling! You'll just have to wait until someone figures it out! Because I've been strictly forbidden not to spill the beans!:)) Sorry!!!


Anonymous said...

Wonder what could make you think that I would give the answer? I promise I won't make a peep.

Goldfish said...


I bet I am going to roll my eyes at my goldfish self when I hear the answer.

Suzanne said...

I have no idea what the answer is. I can't wait to hear it! Somebody figure out the riddle soon.

Nicole Marie said...

My, my. This is a very profound post after your long absence.
This is terrible that we read this right before going to bed, because I can assure you we will both lay awake scratching our heads all night. Ahem!
One of two things is happening here:
1 - You were to one to give those kids their chicken pox vaccines. (Okay, we realize it's highly unlikely.)
2 - You served those kids up some dish of food that you endearingly call "Chicken Pox". (This is rather corny, we know.)
Regardless, we have a bad feeling there was some punchline, and we have somehow completely missed it.
We await the unveiling.......
Nicole and Tiffany
PS> Wait, did you by chance touch someone who had chicken pox, then touch those kids and get the oils on them?!?! Sounds much more likely... okay. We'll stop.