Monday, July 30, 2007

My first full week of work in Wyoming was just that, a full six day week. We worked from sun up, till sun down. I'm thankful for God's protection as I did fall twelve feet through the rafters on to the concrete floor. I landed on my feet and rolled onto my back, stood up, brushed myself off and went back to work.
As you can see we made pretty good progress this week on this 100x68ft shop.

Today I had the day off so Michal Hipps (a friend for Nebraska who is also out here working) and I went hiking up in the mountains. We were told there were grizzly bears in the area, so we went prepared, but we didn't see any. It was a beautiful seven hour hike.

Here is a fifteen passenger van, Wyoming style! Four wheel drive and tracks.


gandelr said...

looks like you be a going out to catch something in that middle pic
(catch some trouble haha)

Rachel said...

Hey Josiah! Love the pictures -- that phone sure comes in handy, doesn't it!?! It's wonderful to have a 'peek' into your life out West. :D We miss you!


Emily Hipps said...

Hey Josiah, Looks like you and Michael are having fun. Sounds like it too when I talk to him! Thanks for posting so that I can see a little of what you all are doing!
Emily, the little sister of the bestest Michael!

Jacob said...

Hey, Josiah.

Praise the Lord for His protection!

I didn't expect to hear about Michael was up to on your blog! Thanks for letting me know what he's up to. :)

Keep the faith! --Jacob