Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ok! just so that all my "fan base", (is it three or four?) that check my blog know, I'm still alive, around, and well, keeping busy.
Now, I'd like to address some things I see have been going on in my "virtual cockpit". First of all, good things take time. I know it might take ten or twenty years, but I just might end up with some real nice whiskers. And besides, you can't blame a guy for trying his best, can you? I'm mean, my Dad's Dad was the only one in his unit in the army that could go almost a whole week in boot camp without shaving, and not get in trouble! So the fact that it can be seen on a picture after only ??????? days, ok, maybe it was months, anyway, its still beating the odds, even if it is just barely. A couple weeks ago my family was even saying it was to the point of needing trimmed! So I looked it over carefully and trimmed three of the whiskers. They were right, it looks a lot better after that. And just so you know where I stand, I stand behind my whiskers!


You Know Who said...


I could have just about fainted when I saw you posted! But your right your three or four "fan base" does faithfully check this site! So please honor us with a post more often!!:) I agree your whiskers looked much better after that slight trim, and it complimented your nice hair cut quite well! I already knew you stood behind your whiskers, but I got a chuckle out of how your phrased that! I would say more, but I have to go now! We have company coming Saturday!:)

I shall remain,

But still I think you know who I am!

You Know Who said...

Okay I'm back, I can finish up my comment now. I forgot to tell you that the company we have coming Saturday is very...., very... special! A true royalty and novelty around our house!!! One that requires much preparation, and cleaning to fully prepare for such honored guests! Their royal title is the Loren Wissmann Family! Do you know them perchance? That family is the coolest you'll meet anywhere! You should make it a priority to go see them sing sometime! Believe me you'll be blessed, and have loads of fun! Saturday is a very anxiously awaited day around our house! Can't wait to see y'all then! Keep the posts coming!

I Shall Remain,

Even Though I'm sure You fully know who I am by now! Oh, and BTW I checked into your fan base, and it's actually quite vast! I noticed that you had 25 comments on the whiskers post, done by Bethany??! That seems like quite a few more than three or four to me! And I know you have a total of eight vibrant fans in this family! So we cancel out the 3 or 4 right there! I'm going outside now, but we can't wait to see y'all!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can see you have every bit of seven hairs in nine rows!
You must take that after me!

Nicole said...

great to see you posting again! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I did a bit of math on that post about seven hairs in nine rows, and that would be 63 hairs in all! WOW!! Impressive!!! Quite the full goatee you have!! As I said all I can say is, WOW!! It's pretty stunning! So much so that all I can say is, WOW!!!

The Pretty Smart One!:)