Monday, July 30, 2007

My first full week of work in Wyoming was just that, a full six day week. We worked from sun up, till sun down. I'm thankful for God's protection as I did fall twelve feet through the rafters on to the concrete floor. I landed on my feet and rolled onto my back, stood up, brushed myself off and went back to work.
As you can see we made pretty good progress this week on this 100x68ft shop.

Today I had the day off so Michal Hipps (a friend for Nebraska who is also out here working) and I went hiking up in the mountains. We were told there were grizzly bears in the area, so we went prepared, but we didn't see any. It was a beautiful seven hour hike.

Here is a fifteen passenger van, Wyoming style! Four wheel drive and tracks.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Working in Wyoming is a little different than Nebraska. The things you see along the road on the way to the job site are quite amazing for this Nebraska boy. Take for instants, this bear. (sorry the picture is not that great, all I had was my camera on my phone) It was just sitting by the road eating berries, it didn't even seem to care that we were there. Then, at the job site, a doe with two little fawns came within twenty yards or so from us as we worked.

My Scripture for the day- The fear of the Lord leads to life, And he who has it will abide in satisfaction; He will not be visited with evil. Proverbs 19:23

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

825 miles, in eleven and one half hours, and only one stop, (to fuel up and use the restroom) and I am safely in Cody Wyoming. I am not all to sure whats on the schedule for the rest of the week out here. I do know tomorrow I will get some flying in, as I am going to get checked out in an airplane at the local airport here in Cody. Well, I'm a bit tired right now and can't think of any thing more to right. So that's all for now!

Friday, July 13, 2007

After four whole days of sitting at my computer studying, I went and took the Flight Instructor written test. Its a 100 question test with over eight hundred questions to draw from. Praise the Lord, I achieved a 91%. Its good to have that behind me. I still have some other written test to take, but this was the hardest by far. There were a couple questions that I knew, that I knew the answer, but my mind went blank and I could not remember for the life of me ,what the answer was. So I'd pray, Lord give me the answer. Then it was like something clicked, and I would all the sudden remember what it was. I'm so glad I have a God that knows all the answers, from the little things, (like a written test) to the big, "life decisions". Its just a matter of surrendering all I am to His Lordship, seeking His face, and asking. (James 1:5-8 & 4:3)

A quote I saw at an airport recently:

"The only time success come before work is in the dictionary".

Friday, July 06, 2007

OK, here is the answer, (drum roll) I had the shingles. The shingles comes from the same virus as the chicken-pox. So although I had fully recovered from the chicken-pox at five, when I got the shingles at ten that exposed my younger siblings to the virus, and from that they caught the chicken-pox.

A thought for the day:
Do you know who Jesus was?
Or do you know who Jesus is?