Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ok, so its been awhile since I have posted. But then again not much is happing with the family gone. I have been studing a lot, and working some. So as I do not have anything to write about lately I thought I would share that happend a long time ago, one of my Childhood memories. As a person grows and learns, there are two basic ways of learning. From other peoples experiences, and from your own experiences. Well, this is my knowledge that I'm am going to pass on to you from my own experience that AC and DC electricity are diffrent. As a young fellow I was your curios type. I loved, and still do love to figure things out and how they work. When I was eight or nine I got a erector set from dad and mom for Christmas that had a little 3 volt electric motor to power the different things you could build. I noticed that the AA batteries were 1.5 volts and that the two of them were put in series in the battery case. Thus I concluded that when you put batteries in series you added the voltage. So I lined up four batteries in series and put the wires to the ends and noticed that more voltage equaled more rpm's and more power. thus stared my quest to see how fast I could get that little motor to spin. I got a 9 volt battery, then two 9 volt batteries, and they worked really well as the positive and negative sides snapped right together real nice. I began to think of how many nine volt batteries I could get a hold of, and just about that time my eye caught sight of the outlet on the wall. I knew that was 120 volts, wow, that will make this thing spin really fast. So I took the wires and stuck them into the outlet expecting the motor to spool up like a jet engine. Instead all I got was disappointments in the form of a flash, sparks and a puff. That little engine never did work again, it was fried. It was only later that I learned that there was a difference between AC and DC electricity. I will not bore you with the details of the differences, but believe me, there is a difference.


Anonymous said...

Your post reminded me that years ago, either in Popular Science or Popular Mechanics, I read where a guy had converted a car to electric using an electric motor or motors (one at each wheel) powered by thousands of 9 volt batteries. There was some interest at the time because it seemed that he was getting more power than the theoretical output of the batteries. I never did hear a follow-up about it.

Nicole said...

Hi there 'tousin!

Good to see you on Sunday... Although I realized later that I never even talked to you! What kind of cousin am I?!?

I was "tagged" by someone on my blog to share 7 interesting things about myself and tag 7 others and... **drumroll** You're "IT"!! :o)

Hope you're surviving without everyone there!!

Love ya!