Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Gift from Great Grandma!

For as long as I can remember Grandma has always made something 'special' for each grandchild that arrived...and never fail she's done the same for her first great grandchild as well! Joanna, was blessed with a gorgeous blanket that Great Grandma worked many hours over. Her labor of love will be treasured for the years to come! Thank you so much, Grandma!!

"I love you, Joanna!"

"Grandma, I love it!"

What a fun pattern...

"Thank you, Grandma!"
All cozy! :)

"I like my blanket, Great Grandma Vermeer! Thank you!


Lulu said...

That is so cute! =D What a blessing grandparents are......

Abigail said...

Love the colorful blanket! Kids always enjoy having a "blanket of their own"! And what a precious tradition for your grandmother to do.


Linda said...

How sweet! So, Joanna is a "first" all the way around! No wonder she's so loved on by everyone. lol Grandma blankets are the most special. My grandma made quilts for both of my kids and I still treasure them. A very nice keepsake.

Anonymous said...

It is lovely!


Allison said...

What a sweet blessing! And I really like your hair, Abi. Maybe I'll see you this weekend!
Allison B

Daniel said...

That is precious! I suspect it'll be well-loved for a long time to come. :)

God bless the three of you (and Grandma Vermeer too).

Daniel Bryson

.:blessedmommy:. said...

How beautiful! That is a precious gift to be treasured always.

Charity said...

How precious!
I have a question: I saw your Grandma's last name is vermeer - I know some Vermeers! Do you know anyone named Beth and Mike Vermeer? Or Caleb and Annie Vermeer?

Anonymous said...

The blanket is sooooooooo cute!
joanna is blessed to have a grandma that will do such a thing!

Emma Lou said...

The blanket IS precious! It is absolutely beautiful with all the colors! Something to remember Grandma by!!! :)

BTW: She is a precious, precious, precious darling baby!! Congratulations!!!

Emma Lou