Friday, November 10, 2006

Here is my story untold about spilling milk. Now I can tell this one because it happened years ago, ok so it was only four years ago. We like whole milk straight from the farm and with so many of us we get it in five gallon buckets from a dairy close by. so I was on the way back from the dairy with two five gallon buckets of milk and I took a turn to fast and well, one of the buckets tipped over in the back of the pickup and the lid pop off and all five gallons of milk spilled all over the pickup bed. As I begin to lament over it my brother Andrew, who always seems to have the right thing say pipes in, "its no use crying over spilled milk". Although I haven’t had a problem with spilling milk at the table, as one of my friends, (I’ll not say who, If you know him, you will probably know who I am talking about.) That’s cause I figured I spilled my share of milk all at one time.

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Anonymous said... guys are so funny.