Sunday, January 27, 2008

Working on a bus till the wee hours in the morning with your brothers and sisters, you really get to spend some quality time deepening those ever important sibling relationships. But how well do you know my brothers and sisters?
Which one of my siblings do you think:
-called a utility knife a “cutter cutter thing”
-touched both the hot and neutral electrical connections in the breaker box at the same time, calmly stepped back and said, “ ouch, that kind of hurt”
-was our human dinner bell (ok, so maybe this one is to easy)
So how well do you know my sibling? Who and why, do you think did what?


Anonymous said...

Hey Josiah..

I may regret posting this.

"cutter cutter thing": DEFINITELY Rachel, it seems like she'd say a cute thing like that. :-)

“ouch, that kind of hurt”: Stephen. Woodworkers don't know up from down about electricity and guys like to think they know more about something than we really do (like me writing in this post). If the girls are poking fingers into breaker boxes they're I'll leave it at that. (Before I get deeper into trouble).

Human dinner bell: Hannah. She's Chef Ruth's assistant?

In reality I have absolutely NO IDEA WHATSOEVER, so if I caused any slight to anyone my humblest apologies and if it's taken as a compliment I mean it as one ;-).

Though actually I really believe all of them refer to Charissa.

Anonymous said...

The human dinner bell would have to be Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Okay just for fun I guess I'll give this a whirll.

The dinner bell thing was with out a doubt in my mind Andrew,and if I'm wrong I'm gonna have to have a talk with that kid!

The "ouch that kind of hurt" I would say was Matthias,for sure,knowing his personality.

And the "cutter,cutter thing" was probably Rachel but could have been Bethany I think.

Well,that's my opinion. Don't forget to tell us who it really was.