Friday, December 19, 2008

Attempted Honeymoon Post--

Some of you know that we spent our honeymoon in Colorado, and the rest of you just found out. (grin) My wonderful husband planned 10 marvelous days to be away, and it was so special!

The scenery was alsolutely gorgeous! This is Pikes Peak!!

Us, as the summit...what a view!

We also went to Garden of the Gods. The massive rock structures were incredible!!

As to the'll have to just use your imagination! (LOL!:) My computer is giving me fits about uploading them! So until it actually lets me you will just have to be creative as to what it might look like! :) You can be sure though, that I'll get them on as soon as I can. Hopefully attaining an actual 'honeymoon post'?!

So bear with me--it's STILL coming!!!


Lesley said...

Can't wait to see pictures!:)

Lacey said...

What a tease! :-) Okay, I guess I'll try to wait! :-)

ashley said...

*SIGH* I suppose if we have too... ;)

You know a picture is worth a thousand words better get typing in the meantime. ;)

Looking forward to the pictures!

Noelle said...

Yes! What a tease! :)

Can't wait to see them! (And on a sidenote -- I already knew where you guys went, as I keep up with Bethany's and the family's blog very much. :)