Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is your Co-Pilot speaking!

Since you've all been asking...and because this post is LONG overdue...I thought I'd take a moment, and at least try to update all those out there wondering how WE are?!

It hardly seems possible that we've already been married 82 days! Where has the time gone?! Marriage is wonderful, and my husband is the ABSOLUTE BEST there is!(grin) I can say that, 1)because he's mine, and I know 2)also, because I know the password to login, and 3)just because he is!!

I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner. Are you all ready? I'm not!! I think it has successfully snuck up on me this year. Wonder why that would be?? Hopefully soon I'll get up some decorations here, and then I'll most likely feel, or see that it's coming!?!

Between Thanksgiving, and being gone to visit the family in Branson(tons of fun, and special memories!). I've not been home much to pull them out, or go shopping for a few things of our own. All the cute mom has!:)

So, I hope you all don't mind me trying my hand at this whole blogging/posting world?! My husband is super busy with work--faithfully providing, and caring for me! Therefore, you'll have to bear with my glitches, and hope it doesn't take me toooooo looonnnggg to get a handle on how this all works!

Holding your breath is probably not a good idea. Because there's a high likelihood you could just run out! lol! Yet, I'll do my best to drop in now and then as time allows.

I'm really hoping to get a honeymoon post up a going here soon! That is, if y'all would like to have one??? Guess you'll have to check back to see if I can possibly bring it in for a safe landing!


Grace said...

oh!! this is going to be so much fun having you in the blogging world, getting to hear how you and Josiah are doing and all!
I already know you'll be good at it. :-) Can't wait to see honeymoon pictures!!! :-D
Love ya and have a joyful day! :-)

ashley said...

It'd be nice to have you in the blogging world to Grace *hint, hint* :)

It is really great to have an update from you guys! And of course we'd love to have a honeymoon post!! :)

Anonymous said...

Well Abi, I think I can safely say that that is more than Josiah would ever write when he posted, and possibly more often than he would ever post! SO.... yes we are very happy with you posting, and can't wait to see honeymoon pictures!=) Actually I already have....make sure you post the big foot crossing pictures---- I'm sure Stephen would thourougly appreciate those, and anybody else with size 13, and 15 feet!=) Well you'll just have to guess at who I am....though this next sentence will surely tell you! I was thourougly impressed to see a post without any kissing, or referal to kissing! TERRIFIC JOB! I big high five from you PDA Police sis! Love, and miss you both TONS!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with your post? I think it's fine! Thank you so for the update! You'll make a good co-pilot. I'd like to see a honeymoon post. Hope you had a safe landing:D
LOL. Maybe now that you're the co-pilot, we'll see more updates:) ~L

Bethany said...

an update!!! so fun!! even though I already heard stories about your marvellous honeymoon -- I'll still be watching for that update!!

Love you both!

Noelle said...

Looking forward to seeing the honeymoon post! :)

Nicole said...

Ooh!!! Yes yes!!! Pictures!!!

Love ya 'tousin!

Lesley said...

Hooray for the update Abi! It will be great to hear all that you two are up to! Can't wait to see a honeymoon post!:)

Blessings to you both!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, do post more pics! Ya'll look so precious together! :)


PS The post looks great...don't worry about any glitches that may come. That is the norm here on the internet! ;-)

The Ansons said...

Good- pictures to come! I am not sure I even heard where you guys went? You had a great time of year to go places though. Our wedding was in March (2005) and we went to the Smoky Mountains in Tenn. IT was great. And given the time of year we have pictures of us in short sleves and in a snow storm!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the post - and would definitely love to see more! :)
It's so wonderful to see you both so happy!
Merry Christmas!

The Ulmer Family said...

Great post Abi!! You're definitely a very capable co-pilot!!
And yes, we'd love to see honeymoon pictures!!
Hope to see you two sometime soon-- we know you're doing well!! :)
Love you guys!!
--The Ulmer Crew

Lacey said...

Ummm....YEAH we're glad you're blogging!! :-) Looking forward to your honeymoon post--as well as MANY more posts! :-)