Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The lesson of the frog and the toad...

At the place where I work we have a trencher and we get jobs were we'll dig a long trench, put pipe in the trench, and then fill the trench back in.

There was one job were it rained on us before we could get the trench back filled in, and so the trench filled up with water. So, by the time it dried enough to put the pipes in and back fill there were all sorts of frogs and toads in the trench. Frogs are sleek and fast! It's amazing how much ground one can cover in just one leap. Toads on the other hand are anything but sleek. They make hopping look like a chore!

Well, we finally got to back filling in the trench. Then with about four hundred feet of trench left I saw a frog in the trench that with each hop would distance itself from the wall of dirt falling into the trench behind it. I thought, "This frog should easily be able to make it to the end of the trench." For I knew they we were not going to fill the last ten feet of the trench because we needed to finish the pipe at the end. But after only five or six hops the frog gave up hope, quit jumping, and tried to hide from sure death by hiding under the pipe, and that frog is still there, under three feet of dirt! I thought, "The stupid frog, it could have hopped the four hundred feet, made it to the end and still be alive!"

Then, with about three hundred feet of trench left to fill I came across this toad hopping for all it was worth to just barely stay ahead of the wall of dirt pouring in behind a wall of death nipping at it's heels! I thought the poor toad probably won't make it a hundred feet till it gets tired and gets covered up. As I watched, much to my amazement the toad never quit hopping, but some how managed to stay one hop ahead of the wall of dirt pouring in over it. The longer the toad kept going the more obvious it became that the toad was getting tired! Its jumps became less coordinated, and it covered less ground with each hop. A couple times it hesitated for just a moment like it was going to give up! After all, it saw no end in sight, and it had no idea that we were not going to fill the last ten feet. For all it knew it could make it to the end, end up trapped, and still get covered! But then just in time it would take off hopping. It seemed the more visibly tired the toad got, the more determined it would press on as if to say, " I have put forth lots of effort, and I'm going to do everything I can so it's not going to be in vain, and every hop is another effort that makes me more determined to make it not be in vain." That toad hopped three hundred feet in the bottom of that trench, and as far as I know it's still alive today!

I believe God let me observe the toad and the frog to give me a visual contrast of what it means to keep pressing on when it all seems hopeless with no end in sight. We cannot see the end of the trench, but He can! I found myself cheering the toad on, "Come on toad just keep going, you can make it!" I believe God is doing the same, "Keep on going, keep persevering, be faithful TO THE END and you will receive the crown of life!" (see Revelation 2:10)

The lesson from the late Mr. Frog--


The lesson from healthy Mr. Toad--

"NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up!"


Johan said...

Wow! Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm shocked! Ya'll FINALLY updated!!! ...bout time! LOL!

Great lesson. It brought a Bible verse to my mind as I was reading:

"But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved."
Matthew 24:13


Lydia said...

That is a great lesson! Thanks for posting, I enjoyed it a lot! It reminded me about a Bible Competition I am in. You have to memorize 500 Verses in a few mon. not to mention the other studying to go along! It feels like I am not getting anywhere, but God has been teaching me.


Anonymous said...

Great story Josiah! Thanks for the encouragement, its a lesson I think we all could work on more.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Josiah! What a great visual perspective on perseverance! :)

Anonymous said...

nice work you finally listened and updated!!! but still no pictures!?!?
just joking!!! thanks for the update!!!

Anonymous said...

HA! Love it! I thought I was the only one who observed toads and frogs so closely:D ! Thank you for the lesson:) Loved it!

~ An Indiana Aquaintance :)

Sharon said...

Wow, that is REALLY GOOD! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

MomW said...

SOOOO Cool! Thanks for taking the time to write it down. I've thought about it many times since you told us about it. It's fun to read it now. A precious parable!
Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I needed that! Thanks for sharing!

David Kent said...

Ditto to all the comments above

David Kent said...


(I forgot the period and exclamation mark.) :-)

David Kent said...

Bah, the period wasn't needed.

Some more of this and you'll have record comments. Have to keep you entertained I guess.

With persistence like the toad, maybe I'll get it right this time.