Friday, January 05, 2007

Home after seeing family over Christmas and New Years. And
for Christmas on mom’s side of the family we decided to go bowling instead of having the traditional gift exchange. So everyone got to bowl, even down to little five year old Nathanael. I watched as he struggled to carry the ball the lane and then set it down. He leans over, and with all his might he rolls, or should I say pushes the ball as hard as he can. What seemed to be minuets later, the ball is two thrids down the lane and Nathanael gets all excited. The ball is heading straight for the head pin. And what looked like slow motion, the ball hit’s the head pin a little off center at a speed you’d expect the ball bounce off it, and one by one the pins start falling down hitting each other. And I’m still not sure if the ball made it to the back row of pins or not, but when it was all over, all the pins were down. That’s right my little five year old brother Natanael bowled a strike, and boy was he happy. The thing was, he got as many strikes as I had got that day.


Goldfish said...

That bowling sounds like fun. At least you can get as many strikes as Nathanael -- Scott and Andrew usually get more strikes than I do! :)

Anonymous said...


Jacob said...

hehehe. better luck next time. thanks for sharing!

i dont even know when i bowled last... never have more than a couple times.


BrittLeigh said...

Aw, I just love that Nathaniel :)