Friday, January 26, 2007

We just finished our last prison services in Alabama with We Care, and had a great week. Going in the prisons was great and I really enjoyed it. I mean, I would never want to live there, but being able to go in and share with men the love of Christ. Hearing the testimonies of how Christ takes a life everybody gave up on, everybody but our loving savior Jesus, and changes their heart. That person is not “the same person”, but a new creation in Christ. Then to realize that if it were not for that same work in my own heart, I would be in the same place as them. That makes me so thankful for God’s grace.


Goldfish said...

I totally agree(!) -- great post, Josiah!

David Kent said...

Happy Belated Bithday Greetings Josiah.

Congratulations on your instrument flight instructor test!

If I ever get down your way you'll have to give me a flightseeing tour.

By the way, I laughed at this in your posting from Dec. 19, '06: "Then I found something that really got my attention, and that was that chances are 1 in 4,745 that you die falling out of bed, no wonder we say bed time prayers. You can sleep good though, because the odds of a meteor falling on you house is only 1 in 182 trillion, at least we don’t have worry about that."

David Kent
Juneau, Alaska