Thursday, March 01, 2007

Yesterday we went salt water fishing with some friends in Tampa Bay, near St Petersburg Florida. The friends we were with told us you never know what you might catch when fishing in the bay. We caught 33 little silver looking fish, I forget what they were called, so little silver fish will have to do. I do know that they tasted real good. One of the guys that took us fishing caught a puffer fish. Unfortunately Bethany was not there to take a picture. But this fish puffed up so tight, it look like a ball, and it bounced like one to.
Then, just before it was time to go I got a bite on my line. I knew it was something bigger than normal. After five minutes of fighting it finally came to shore. It was a sting-ray!
Its weighed about 15-20 pounds, and had a wing-spand of about two feet or a little more.

Don't worry, we stayed clear of the stinger.

The stinger is the trophy of the animal. Kind of like the antlers on a buck. So we cut that off. I guess there is some meat in the wings, but we did not have time to work it up. So I will have to wait for another time to get to taste sting-ray.


Bethany said...

Wow -- mighty hunter brother of mine! When you first told me I had to get a picture of your catch, I was imagining a huge fish or something. The sting-ray sure surprised me! :D

Goldfish said...

Surprised me, too! YIKES!!! Don't worry, it probably just tasted like chicken.... (After all, everything does right? Snakes, chicken itself, etc. :))