Thursday, April 12, 2007

Take the old one out, put the new one in, give the wrench a whirl for our trip west must begin. That's been the song around here this past week. The axle housing had to come out to fix excessive ware in the spindles that was caused by spinning (bad) bearings. Also the transmission we found was the same as gone. After looking it over it made us wonder how it even made it this far. Today the new differential came in and tomorrow the new transmission will get here, and the axle housing should be done. So we will be putting everything back together tomorrow and Saturday, and Lord willing will be on the road Saturday night. We have had to cancel and postpone a few thing this weekend, Lord willing, we should be able to be out in California by Tuesday for a school we are supposed to be at.

Some "minor"....or more like major repairs.....
This has been another education for me in the art of
"bus mechanics"

Umm.....I think theres supposed to be a wheel here


Rachel said...

Oh, so THAT's how you explain all that techical stuff you've been doing all week. Since most of those words aren't even in my vocabulary, I should have asked you to write our family post!!! You are turning into quite the mechanic!

Your last statement sounds like something I would say! :D

Love ya!

Caleb said...

At least it didn't like explode when you were on your way down from the Rockies or something. We'll keep praying you get on your way. But it was good to see you again!

Caleb B

Justin said...

Hi Josiah!

I'm glad to hear that the bus is coming along...Because that means you all are gonna make it to our house (here in Southern California)!

Looking forward to meeting you all!

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the smile! Will be praying.
His Truly,