Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What a weekend we have had! 220 children and about 60 staff, and two big days learning about our King Jesus. It is what we called, "The Quest". Themed around a drama about Andrake, who is a young boy on a quest to become a knight in service to his king. He finds that to serve his king is to keep the kings word and serve those of the kingdom. That happens to be returning a fair young maiden that had been kidnapped, back to her father.

The 50-60 staff volunteers

Lady Rachel leading songs!

Long ago, when knight saved maidens......

The drama team!

Getting ready for scene three!

"Andrake", "Lark", and "Sir Conley"

Buyer beware of the smooth talking peddler
I have just the thing for you!
Turneus (Matthias) and Ichacus (Me) steeling away a Damsel in distress.
(we were called the Turn and Itch crew)

Trying to "explain" our "little brother Del"

All three of us are brothers, we all have the same father......and mother too! Run for it!Dellia is found and on her way back home!
Andrake gets knighted for his brave service to the King and the people of the kingdom.
Will we serve the King of Kings with all our hearts?


Anonymous said...

Good job, Josiah. We enjoy your blog. Looks like you had lots of fun!
Love you BIGGER!!

Goldfish said...

That play looks like it was soooo much fun! Wish I could have been there! ;) Only 67 more days until charades at camp!!! YIPPEEE!!! [me jumping up and down]

Anonymous said...

Boy, Josiah, when I read that you all were getting new outfits, I surely didn't expect them to look like this! :> :> Great post!