Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yesterday we were at the shop getting the bus ready to go, changing oil, checking water level and transmission fluid, ect. Last thing we checked the differential oil, and the plug which is magnetic showed a pretty display of metal. So we drained it out and the oil had a metallic look to it. A good friend (thanks Ragnar) helped us, or I should say, we helped him take out the "drop box" and what Ragnar affectionately called "the pumpkin" (the differential) out, They were in really bad shape. (Silver Eagles had the drive shaft go over and past the drive axle, connect to a "drop box", which is just three gears that then go back into the differential from the front.) So this morning I took the parts into Lincoln so they could rebuild everything. Ragnar said he didn't know if we would have made it back from California had we left the way it was. God had led me to pray yesterday morning that if there was anything that needed attention before we left that he would show us, praise the Lord He did. Fixing it before it left us stranded with a tow bill, possibly having to fix it on the road, and the interruptions to our commitments, God was and is taking care of us. We do not sing till Saturday evening in Los Angeles and we think we will be able to have everything back together and be able to leave Thursday. With a couple big days of driving we will get there in time. You can pray that there would be no delay for those rebuilding the differential, that we would be able to fill our all our commitments and opportunities that God has given.

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